Bouquet d’Alella’s Limited Editions


Have you heard of Bouquet d’Alella’s Limited Editions? Let us introduce you to a whole range of unique and innovative wines, each of them produced in small quantities for you to enjoy a literally unrepeatable experience. We make them every year from the same autochthonous varieties -the rose-colored raisin and the monastrell-, but always following different methodologies. Come discover them!

Imagining the wines of 2019

It is time for research and decision making here at Bouquet d’Alella. That special moment in which we begin to imagine, think and define what our wines will be like in 2019. We are therefore in such a creative phase, one of the most most transcendental and exciting of our agenda.

Come enjoy a brunch among vineyards

Bouquet-Alella-Esmorzar-Forquilla Bouquet-Alella-Esmorzar-Forquilla

Join us on the 10th of February for an unforgettable experience in the heart of DO Alella. Come enjoy an exquisite brunch with local products, pair them with our best wines and take part in the pruning progress. Discover the secrets of the vineyard, taste the Mediterranean cuisine of El Nou Antigó and delight yourself with a delicious Bouquet d’Alella wine.

Date: Sunday, February 10
Time: 10h

The price includes:
* Seasonal activity (pruning)
* Brunch.
* Bouquet d’Alella wines.
* Water, desserts and coffee.
* Guided tour through the vineyards and the winery.

The menu:
* Escudella with products from the garden
* Black cod omelette with green pepper and Orrius eggs
* Trinxat de Cerdanya with bacon, black pudding and croutons
* Crudités from the garden with Nevat de Cabrera cheese fondue
* Berguedà Liver Bread with old flour bread with tomato
* Rice pudding
* Stone chocolate sponge cake
* All of it, paired with Bouquet d’Alella wines

Price per person: € 45 (adults) and € 18 (children up to 10 years old).
Limited capacity. Approximate duration of 4 hours.

More information and reservations at

Bouquet d’Alella’s still wines

Here at Bouquet d’Alella you will find a whole range of still wines that will make each meal a unique and unforgettable experience. Bouquet d’Alella Blanc, Bouquet d’Alella Blanc +, Bouquet d’Alella Garnatxa Negra and Bouquet d’Alella Syrah are small batch organic wines, made from autochthonous grape varieties and following traditional procedures. Discover all the essence and flavor of DO Alella!

Calçots season is here again!



The calçots season is about to start and here at Bouquet d’Alella we have everything ready for you to enjoy the most delicious meals among vineyards. Come visit the winery, prepare your own calçotada (a traditional Catalan barbecue with autochthonous calçot onions), pair it with one of the best Bouquet d’Alella wines and enjoy a gastronomic experience with your family or friends.

Price per person:

. Price per person: € 58 (adults) / € 26 (children up to 10 years old)

The price includes :

. Winery tour and one wine tasting

. Calçot onions and meat for cooking (organic products)

. Firewood and vine shoots for kindling

. Utensils and instructions to prepare the meal

. Bouquet Garnatxa Negra black wine

. Water, desserts and coffee

Minimum group of 6 people.

Make your reservation at

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Christmas is a time of joy, reunions and toasting with those we love the most. All of us at Bouquet d’Alella wish that your whole dreams, projects and hopes may come true. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!