This summer, make a toast with Bouquet d’Alella!

Bouquet d’Alella wishes you a happy holiday season and invites you to enjoy it with the best wines from our winery. This summer, do not forget to make a toast with Bouquet d’Alella!

Full moon dinner at Bouquet d’Alella

An unforgettable evening in a dreamlike landscape. That’s the most accurate way to describe the full moon dinner we celebrated this weekend. A stroll among vineyards, a visit to the winery, some gastronomic delights under the moonlight and the best Bouquet d’Alella wines. Thanks for joining us!

Festival Bouquet d’Alella. Thank you very much!

The songs of Halldor Mar. The family afternoon with La Città Infinita. The gastronomic delights of El Nou Antigó. The best wines from our winery. And, of course, your company. Thanks for joining us once againt for such an experience among vineyards. See you at Festival Bouquet d’Alella 2020!

Introducing Festival Bouquet d’Alella 2019!

Festival-Bouquet-Alella-2019 Halldor-Mar-Bouquet-Alella
Once again, we are delighted to introduce the Festival Bouquet d’Alella, an amazing experience where music and wine culture go hand in hand. Join us on July 13 for an afternoon show for children with La Città Infinita and, at night, a concert with the fabulous Halldor Mar. All of this, paired with the local gastronomy of El Nou Antigó and the best wines from our cellar.

More info at the festival website.

What to eat at Festival Bouquet d’Alella

Festival-Bouquet-Alella Festival-Bouquet-Alella
When it comes to gastronomy, Festival Bouquet d’Alella is committed to local and autochthonous products, as well as quality, tradition, proximity and innovation. Along with the restaurant El Nou Antigó, we will provide you with a gastronomic offer rooted in tradition, with a contemporary feel and intimately bound to the environment. From 5pm we will have a snack for children. And from 8pm, in addition to tasting our wines, before and after the show you can dine under the stars with the vineyards in the background.

We hope to see you on July 13! More info at the festival’s website.

Full moon dinner


Discover all of full moon’s magic here at Bouquet d’Alella. Come stroll among the vineyards under the moonlight, enjoy a delicious dinner with local products and complete the experience with the best wines from our winery. Join us on July 16 for such an amazing time!

The price includes:
– Guided visit to the winery.
– Stroll through the vineyards with a welcome tasting.
– Appetizer with a wine tasting.
– Tasting dinner with wine pairing Bouquet d’Alella.
– Water, dessert and coffee.

Duration: 4-5 h
Price per person: € 81 (adults) // € 36 (children up to 10 years old)