Abstract Wine

80,00 IVA inc.

Do you want to experience the world of organic wine with all your senses and express it through art?

This experience is designed for people who want to get closer to nature and the organic cultivation of wine – the vineyards, their smells, the textures of the soil, the wild plants and the sounds of the surroundings; the winemaking process – the smells of the cellar and the barrels, the chemistry, the process; and lastly, the experience of the final product – observing, smelling and tasting the wine with its bouquet of aromas, mouthfeel and texture.

After this immersive and sensory experience of organic viticulture and wine with Andrew, our in-house expert and educator in regenerative viticulture, the expressive part will come, where we will channel everything we have experienced in an abstract art workshop with the professional artist Núria de Bofarull.

Nuria began painting hand in hand with her father at a very early age. He grew up in a house where screens were strictly prohibited, there was only room for boredom. But boredom was and is THE DOOR to creativity. Her father provided her with canvases, fabrics and acrylics, and what in childhood was a hobby became a hobby in adolescence.

After graduating in a creative university career, he studied illustration. There began the search for the well-known personal style. He worked extensively with pencils and watercolors, selling commissioned portraits. But finally she did a great introspection, in which she got rid of all the prejudices that were imprisoning her and began to savor what she enjoys today, an abstract art in which she is only an instrument in the hands of now.

The price includes:

– Immersive experience in the vineyards and the winery.

– Bouquet d’Alella wine tasting.

– Appetizer.

– Abstract art workshop with all the necessary materials.

Duration: 4h

Day and time of the activity: October 21 at 10:00 a.m.