Seasonal pairing: Christmas Class

65,00 IVA inc.

Join us for this special Christmas session with a succulent variety of recipes to celebrate.

Winter invites us to be by the fire, to entertain our loved ones, to be grateful for the fruits of this year, to share our table and toast in celebration.

We are ready to welcome you at our home and teach you how to cook a feast and pair it with our wines for your Christmas celebrations with your loved ones.


It’s time to share, and we want to share our most festive recipes with you and  bring them to your table. From the hand of our chef, learn how to prepare and pair this delicious selection of dishes to celebrate. Toast with us and surprise yours!


The activity includes:

Cooking/pairing workshop: 4 dishes + 4 wines.


3 hours


Thursday December 14th 10:30

Thursday December 14th 18:30


The menu that we will work on in the session is:

  • Baked ricotta with dried fruits, hazelnut and honey topping.
    We will bake this creamy and smooth mixture of ricotta, parmesan and aromatic herbs until golden, and will contrast it with the crunchy texture of hazelnut and dehydrated fruit. All bathed in a sweet honey sauce.
    Bouquet d’Alella Pansa Blanca 2022


  • Sautéed winter vegetables in mascarpone.
    Winter vegetables have a high concentration of starches and hearty delicious textures. We will sauté them with a surprising technique to leave them just right.
    Bouquet d’Alella  Blanc+ 2022


  • Lamb shanks with rosemary and garlic.
    One of the most emblematic meats to celebrate. The lamb will be our star tonight. Stewed with the aromatics of this Mediterranean land, rosemary and garlic, until falling off the bone. Succulence that we will accompany with delicious side dishes. Cranberry sauce and Sweet potato puree with praline of pecans
    Bouquet d’Alella Syrah 2019


  • Chocolate fudge cake covered in dark chocolate ganache and forest berries’ sauce.
    We will crown this repertoire of delicacies with chocolate made into an infallible cake to pamper the family.
    Bouquet d’Alella Plaer Escumós 2017


The session is taught by chef Annette Schroeder:

Annette has diplomas in food & wine and food critic. She has been dedicated to designing and teaching courses for 12 years in different places such as Singapore, Sweden, USA, Ireland, Mexico, Madrid and for three years also in Barcelona.

She has worked with chefs such as Emanuel Stroobant with 7 Michelin stars and Darina Allen with 40 years of teaching experience.

With a history of courses, workshops and developed recipes, Annette is ready to welcome you and take you by the hand in a Food & Wine pairing experience in our winery.