Looking forward

Despite everything, we must always look forward. Organic wines, of limited production and made with autochthonous varieties from the DO Alella are our raison to be. If you are missing them these days of confinement, just let us know and we will mail them to you. We take this opportunity to thank our health workers and public services for all the effort they are making in these hard times all of us are going through.

First shoots of white currant

Nature does not rest as it continues to give us strength to look ahead and keep moving forward. First shoots of white currant in our vineyard, some new life in order to face this new stage.

Bouquet d’Alella Syrah 2016

Let us introduce you to one of our calm wines. Bouquet d’Alella Syrah 2016 is the single varietal red wine made from syrah from our sea (Alella) and mountain (Vilassar de Dalt) vineyards. The result of a year of aging inside oak barrels, and later in the bottle itself. One of the most special organic wines from the DO Alella. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Vincles, the local wine fair

Proximity, ecology, sustainability, human relations, a quality product and future oriented logistics. These are the foundations that have defined for 12 years Sentits Barcelona, one of our collaborators. On the basis of these same values, they have launched Vincles, an event that goes far beyond the concept of the wine fair. A gathering of friends, professionals and lovers of the wine culture and the world of gastronomy. A place where you will discover new wineries and taste more than 120 wines, vermouth, beers and ratafías, as well as take part in a lot of recreational and informative activities. We are looking forward to meet you on March 29 at the facilities of Beauty Food Academy (c/. Dr. Trueta, 194, Barcelona). More info in this link.

A change of wine in the barrels

It’s time to change the wine in the barrels. For the past four months they have hosted one of our most sophisticated wines, Bouquet d’Alella Blanc +. Once we have removed it, we will fill them with the longest-running red wine in our winery, Bouquet d’Alella Syrah, which will be aging for a whole year.

1.500 white currant strains in Vall de Rials

We keep on working in the Vall de Rials plantation, next to the Bosquet d’Alella. This week we have planted the new vineyard, with no less than 1.500 white currant strains.