Harvest and breakfast with fork at Bouquet d’Alella

Join us on September 22 for an unforgettable experience among vineyards. Come celebrate the harvest at Bouquet d’Alella and enjoy a delicious fork breakfast cooked by El Nou Antigó. Autochthonous products, homemade recipes and, of course, the best wines from our winery.


⁃ Roasted eggplant bread with annealing and dried fruit praline
⁃ Blue tomato cream sorbet from the garden with basil
⁃ Balaguer sausages with tomato bread
⁃ Bowl of tender lettuce with marinated salmon, avocado, cucumber and vinaigrette oriental style
⁃ Eco egg ‘La Klosca’ broken with sausage and mushrooms with a touch of curry
⁃ Strawberries of Sant Pol with creamy mascarpone
⁃ 72% chocolate croquette with nuts

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