Seasonal pairing: chestnuts and wine

55,00 IVA inc.

You’re invited to participate in the Roasting Chestnut event at Bouquet d’Alella.

While we put the chestnuts on the fire and we are surrounded by the smells of caramel and scorched straw, our chef Annette Schroeder will explain 4 cooking recipes where the chestnut will be the main ingredient. Together we will make the last touches to the dishes and we will have dinner pairing the creations made with our wines.

The activity includes:

– Cooking/pairing workshop: 4 dishes + 4 wines.


– 2 hours and half.

Activity day:

Thursday 26 October at 10.30am

Thursday 26 October at 6.30pm.


The menu that we will work on in the session is:

  • Starter: Country Pate Appetizer. Iberian pork, nuts, black sausage and chestnuts in a country pâté with local ingredients.
    Bouquet d’Alella Garnatxa Negra 2022


  • Roasted chestnut soup with orange and mushrooms.
    Delicate cream complemented with touches of orange peel mounted with the warmth of mushrooms and chunks of chestnuts freshly toasted by our guests.
    Bouquet d’Alella Pansa Blanca 2022


  • Porchetta wrapped with pear, toasted chestnut and sage. Thinly sliced Lleida pear, bed of chestnuts toasted over low heat, sage browned in butter. All rolled up in bacon with tender meat and well-braised skin.
    Bouquet d’Alella Syrah 2021


  • Pear and chestnut tarte tatin. A classic cake using the best local products; Lleida pears, thyme and chestnuts.
    Bouquet d’Alella Plaer Escumós 2017


The session is taught by chef Annette Schroeder:

Annette has diplomas in food & wine and food critic. She has been dedicated to designing and teaching courses for 12 years in different places such as Singapore, Sweden, USA, Ireland, Mexico, Madrid and for three years also in Barcelona.

She has worked with chefs such as Emanuel Stroobant with 7 Michelin stars and Darina Allen with 40 years of teaching experience.

With a history of courses, workshops and developed recipes, Annette is ready to welcome you and take you by the hand in a Food & Wine pairing experience in our winery.