Fork breakfasts return

We are pleased to announce that next Sunday, May 9, at 10 am, fork breakfasts + vineyard activity will return to our winery. This time you will experience the flowering of the vineyard first hand, we will teach you how to blossom, you will enjoy the best local cuisine from the restaurant El Nou Antigó and you will round off the day with the best Bouquet d’Alella wines. Will you miss it?

Breakfast consists of:
– Cod toast marinated with extra virgin olive oil.

– Teià tender shoots with spring garnishes
– Ricotta cannelloni and aubergine with Red Pesto

– Egg bundle with black sausage yarrow with pine nuts
– “ Leche frita”
– 70% dark chocolate rocks with almond sticks.

Wines Bouquet d’Alella
+ Bread, water and coffee

Price: € 45