Fork breakfast + Pruning activity (copia)

55,00 IVA inc.

Each time of the year has its specific tasks, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. At Bouquet d’Alella we start the year with one of the most important ones in the wine cycle! In winter it is time to prune the vine; it is in the coldest months when we can cut the branches already without leaves. Do you think this is an easy task? Absolutely not! It requires technique and you must evaluate it well; on this will depend the amount of grapes we will obtain in the harvest season.

Together with our viticulturist and oenologist you will discover all the secrets of the vine cycle. You’ll learn how the art of pruning allows us to give structure, leader its growth and calculate its fruit.

Afterwards, we will recover our energy in a delicious fork breakfast made by a nearby restaurant in the Maresme, the Nou Antigó. Each gastronomic dish will be served paired with our wines. The effort will be worth it!

We encourage you to participate in this outdoors activity, enjoying the nature and the landscapes that surround the country house! Do not miss it!!

Date: 6th February 2022.
Schedule: 10h.
Length: 3 h
Other dates available under previous request for groups (15 participants minimum).

Price: 55€ / person.
Price includes:
– Pruning workshop with our viticulturist/ cellar’s oenologist.
– Fork breakfast cooked by el Nou Antigó.
– Bouquet d’Alella Wine Tasting.
– Water, dessert and coffee.
– Guided tour through the vineyards and the winery.

– Soup “ barrejada”
– Aubergine salad with hummus and furikake
– Glass bread with caramelized onion, buffalo and ham.
– Clams, beans and artichokes
– Creamy yoghurt with vanilla stewed pear.
– Truffle truffles