2022 Harvest Breakfast

On September 18th we’ve celebrated our Harvest Breakfast. Participants have been able to enjoy the full experience, even harvesting the few grapes that have left. The boars had a feast the day before…
Also this year the amount of grape production has decreased due to the drought, despite maintaining a very good quality. The tendency to anticipate the maturation of the grape due to high temperatures is what has prevailed throughout the territory. The harvest has been brought forward by fifteen days, but despite the weather conditions, we can confirm the good results that we are obtaining with the first fermentations. Participants in the Harvest Breakfast have been able to taste and identify the differences between a fresh must, a must starting fermentation and a must that has almost been transformed into wine. As a final climax, the pairing of Bouquet wines with the dishes of the El Nou Antigó restaurant delighted everyone’s palates! We thank you for attending the activity and we leave you some images of the day as a reminder of a day that, we hope, was very special!