Our white wines

It is time of taking care of ourselves, and also of doing all those things to which we often cannot dedicate as much time as we would like to. For example, opening a good wine and enjoying it as it deserves. Let us introduce you to Bouquet d’Alella’s white wines, two flavors and two essences that will keep you company at any time.

The wine Blanc 2018 is a young, fresh, fruity and very easy to drink wine. The right choice to liven up online meetings with your friends and family, or to keep you company in the kitchen while preparing your special meals.

On the other hand, if you want to celebrate yourself, the Bouquet d’Alella Blanc + will be your best ally. Fermented and aged for three months inside oak barrels, it is a wine with smoky, unctuous and long touches, the right choice for pairing a wide variety of dishes. Our most gastronomic wine!

If you need any of our wines during quarantine, you only have to ask us for it and we will send it to you. You can place your order by email bouquetda@bouquetdalella.com or by whatsapp or phone at 607833592.