One last trailer

We are concluding the vintage 2019 with this latest trailer loaded with white grenache. The harvest is one of the most intense times of the year here at Bouquet d’Alella, and as you can see this year it has been highly productive due to the good weather conditions. Now it’s time to finish the wine fermentation process inside the winery.

Bouquet d’Alella at Vi+

For us at Bouquet d’Alella, it is a pleasure to take part once again in Vi+, a festival that aims to promote all of the DO Alella’s viticultural heritage. Join us this Saturday, October 12, for a walk among the vineyards, a visit to the winery, a small picnic and a taste of our best wines.

Small picnic + walk between vineyards + visit to the winery + tasting of 4 wines
Date: Saturday, October 12, 2019
Time: 12h
Price: € 25
More information and tickets on this link.

Harvest and breakfast with fork at Bouquet d’Alella

Join us on September 22 for an unforgettable experience among vineyards. Come celebrate the harvest at Bouquet d’Alella and enjoy a delicious fork breakfast cooked by El Nou Antigó. Autochthonous products, homemade recipes and, of course, the best wines from our winery.


⁃ Roasted eggplant bread with annealing and dried fruit praline
⁃ Blue tomato cream sorbet from the garden with basil
⁃ Balaguer sausages with tomato bread
⁃ Bowl of tender lettuce with marinated salmon, avocado, cucumber and vinaigrette oriental style
⁃ Eco egg ‘La Klosca’ broken with sausage and mushrooms with a touch of curry
⁃ Strawberries of Sant Pol with creamy mascarpone
⁃ 72% chocolate croquette with nuts

More info in this link.

A perfect ripening

This year the ripening of our grapes is being perfect. As a demonstration, this white garnatxa from our vineyard in Colldevendrans d’Alella. If the weather remains that good for the next few weeks, we will probably be celebrating one of the best harvests in the history of Bouquet d’Alella.

Grape ripening controls

Here at Bouquet d’Alella we have already started a new cycle. These days we are carrying out the grape ripening controls, a step prior to the harvest that’s almost around the bend.

We protect our vineyards from wild boars

Everybody’s welcome at Bouquet d’Alella. Well, except for some unexpected visitors like wild boars. To prevent them from eating the grapes that just begin to ripen, we have installed these electric fences. We protect the vineyards in order to keep making the best wines.