2022 Harvest Breakfast

On September 18th we’ve celebrated our Harvest Breakfast. Participants have been able to enjoy the full experience, even harvesting the few grapes that have left.

Preparing our Pur Dolç

Here we show you the last grapes we have left to harvest from the 2022 harvest. It is the white Grenache that is overripening on

Syrah pump over

We share with you an image of a syrah remount, a technique used to achieve the maximum color of the wine. It is about the

Rose and red wine

These days we have also started harvesting our red varieties: syrah and red garnacha . With them we make our red and rosé wines. Did

Smell of vintage

You can smell the harvest. Our vineyard in Mataró (monastrell) is already in full bloom. The grapes take color. The same goes for white varieties

Summer cocktail with bubbles

Ingredients 280 grPlaer Escumós Bouquet d’Alella 200 g strawberries from Maresme 20 g fine sugar 250g ice cubes Elaboration: First, we cut the strawberries into