An amazing brunch at Bouquet d’Alella

We had such a great time when we met for brunch last sunday here at Bouquet d’Alella. We started by pruning the vineyard, an exciting experience and quite a hard work that we countervailed later on with a spectacular brunch courtesy of the restaurant El Nou Antigó. Autochthonous quality products, paired with the best wines of our cellar. Thanks to all of you who joined us on such an amazing time and remember that we will be back in September for another brunch!

Brunches are back at Bouquet d’Alella!

Brunches are back at Bouquet d’Alella! Join us on May 12 for a new, funny and enjoyable approach to wine cultura. Come walk among vineyards, see them flowering up close and discover the technique of green pruning and de-flaming. And of course enjoy a delicious with El Nou Antigó restaurant. Local products and autochthonous gastronomy, the right matches for our best wines.

The menu:

Xarrup de remolatxa amb iogurt eco de Llívia i bastons de cogombre
Coca d’hortalisses de primavera amb olives mortes d’Aragó
Mató fet a casa amb albergínia escalivada i fruits secs
Embotits de Balaguer amb pa de farines antigues amb tomàquet
“PokeBowl” de tonyina bluefin macerada amb cítrics, quinoa i búrgul
Maduixes de Sant Pol amb escuma de crema catalana
Trena de Teià amb xocolata del 72%

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Enjoy a breakfast in the vineyards

Come see our winery, enjoy a delicious breakfast in the vineyards and pair it with the best DO Alella wines. Here at Bouquet d’Alella we want to share with you all our experience in the world of wine, as well as the exceptional environment where our facilities are located. Come experience an unforgettable time. Find all the details at our Wine tourism section.

Tour the youngest winery in the DO Alella

Would you like to taste some wine at the youngest winery in the DO Alella? Come tour this small family winery located in a beautiful 14th century country house, close to Alella’s town center and surrounded by vineyards. Find all the details at our Wine tourism section.

An estate filled with history

Please allow us to share with you this gorgeous aerial view of Can Boquet, the family estate where our winery is located. A country house steeped in history that has been kept in the hands of the same family for five centuries. A Gothic style uplift documented in the fourteenth century, located next to Alella’s town centre and surrounded by vineyards. Working in facilities like these is not only a privilege, it is also one of the great secrets of the Bouquet d’Alella wines!

Bottling the 2018 wines

So here we are, fully immersed in the bottling process. The Bouquet d’Alella 2018 wines are already on the way. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on news and more!