Pansa Blanca, one of our most appreciated varieties

Pansa Blanca is one of the most appreciated grape varieties in our vineyards. These days we are collecting it in order to make the best wines, and as you can see it looks really good. Those pictures have been taken in our vineyard in Vall de Rials, in Teià.

Picking up the syrah from the sea side

Bouquet de Alella’s vineyards gather the same grape varieties both on the sea side and on the mountain side. For example, the syrah. These days we are picking up the syrah from the sea side, which matures earlier and usually adds softness and salinity to the wine.

Come visit us in september

Join us this september for a unique experience at Bouquet d’Alella. Visit our winery and taste the wine in the different stages of the production process: from the grape to the final product, through the must and fermentation.

Price per person:
Visit + tasting of 4 wines: € 18
* Offer available any day of the week with prior reservation.
* In order to guarantee your security, the visit will be take place in small groups.

A harvest day at Bouquet d’Alella

Let us share with you a harvest day in our winery. A whole day of effort, but also of joy, teamwork and family warmth. It is a very important moment for the entire Bouquet d’Alella team, as we collect those fruits that we have been working on throughout the whole year.

Ripening controls

We are still looking forward to the harvest. These days we are carrying out grape ripening controls in order to determine the optimal harvest date.

Harvest is around the bend

2020 has been a hard year, but nature has continued its unstoppable course. The harvest is around the bend, and the vineyards seem to predict better times.